Yes, Wei

I think I am still bummed Dick Wei was a peripheral Venom member and not in the original team. His acting and weapons skills grew rapidly between 1976 and 1978...and I just adore his SB appearances.

There is no denying  he kicked and punched his way into fans' hearts with his post SB work with Sammo and Jackie, but I prefer his Shaws content for the reason he got to be a variety of characters and not just the seminal big bad of Hong Kong cinema.

Anyway, was reminded of my fondness last night in revisiting The Kid with a Tattoo.

Here's a subtle image manip from the terrific fight between Wei's cop and Yuen Wah's assassin.

Yours Respectfully,

Lady J.

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  1. I am wonder which main Venom he should have replaced? Interesting thoughts.

  2. Lo Meng, or dare, I say it, Sun Chien (who is my 2nd fave after Lu.) Lo because Wei was often cast as righteous heroes who died and for his hand-to-hand strength. And Sun? Both Sun and Wei are practioners of Tae Kwon Dao, though Sun has the edge acting-wise; but Wei is the stronger fighter.


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