Yang De-The Sixth Student

Yang De, the sixth and final student, was a hybrid of his older brothers.  Only with the teacher for a short time, he masters some skills from each of his predecessors' repertoires.  From the skills showcased in the film, it seems he spent the most time mastering the skills of his eventual partner, the Lizard.

Yang De was given the seemingly impossible task of finding his unknown brothers and his teacher's former colleague.  Not only did he have to find them but he also had to eliminate the poisonous Venoms and convince the elderly master to use his ill-gotten gains for good.  The only piece of advice he was given was to unite with at least one of the five to rid the world of the Venoms gone bad. Even though he was not given names, he was given a town to begin his search.

The smart and resourceful sixth student was able to use keen observation skills to follow clues to his unnamed brethren.  First, he disguises himself as a beggar allowing Yang De to be invisible to those around him. Then, he hangs around with the people in town who know everyone and everything, the police officials. Through this resource, he was able to keep his eye on the important happenings and influential people of the town.   One by one, he figures out who the major players are, decides who to align his allegiance to and completes his teacher's mission. Not bad for perhaps the youngest member of the Poison Clan.

   ~Lady Cao

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