Welcome Shaw Brothers fans...

Lady Cao Feng and I met over a love of Lu Feng and Shaw Brothers. For some months now we discussed creating a blog talking about our favorite actors, characters and films from the legendary movie studio.

Yes, we will squee. These gentlemen and ladies deserve the love even more so now. What can you expect? Humor, essays, images, random thoughts, fan fiction, reviews, art etc.. We won't post links to SB movies unless they are official though.

We will also post links to other blogs & sites where the authors have written fantastic pieces on SB films/folks (including my work for Shaw Brothers official site, a deep honor. I understand they cannot publish everything and there are times when writing about a film I love does not come.)

Additionally, the Lady Flag wielder and I can be found on Twitter and other regions of the internet.

Shaw Brothers movies continue to delight and wow us.  We cannot wait to share those delights with you.

Most respectfully,

Lady Jin & Lady Cao Feng.

Legalese: All images copyright Celestial Pictures and their respective owners. No infringement is intended or presumed. We encourage you to seek out these films through official channels. *


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