The Toad-Naive Hero

The  Toad, teacher's 5th student, was a friend to the Lizard.  The strongest, and least vocal of the group, the Toad was is also the most trusting.  Our impervious hero put his trust in Constables Ma and He, the Scorpion and the Lizard respectively.  Unfortunately, this misplaced trust in Constable Ma cost him much more than his friendship with He.

The Toad, on the word of his best friend, decides to trust Constable Ma to take care of him while he is imprisoned and the dear friend is out of town.  Twice the Toad implied he believed court officials were corrupt.  The first stating he did not trust officers of the law. The second was when he would not eat or drink the meal brought to him by Ma until the constable tried it himself.  Instead of listening to his gut, Toad drinks the wine Ma sends by the way of a lower court official for his second meal in prison. If only he insisted the guard taste the food and wine before he drank it.

~ Lady Cao

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