The Scorpion-The Master of Deception

If anyone mastered the bad habits of the Poison Clan, it was the Scorpion.  He was the only one of the 5 who did not train with any of the other students.  Snake and Centipede knew each other and so did Lizard and Toad.  Being able to train alone gave this dangerous Venom an advantage the other 4 did not have: he was able to hide in plain sight.

The ambitious Scorpion has the perfect job as law officer Constable Ma. He is able to investigate the teacher's colleague and keep tabs on the others without giving away his real identity.  Although he wasn't the first to discover his Martial Arts uncle's  new identity, he was able to get his hands on the treasure map due to his keen perception.

The Scorpion's greed overwhelms Constable Ma's more sensible nature.  He could have absconded with the treasure without the other Venom's ever noticing.  However, he begins to kill off the other 4 to ensure he alone gets the treasure.  Unfortunately, he does not count on Sifu sending his last student to clean up the Clan. In the end, the Scorpion gets what he deserves.

~Lady Cao

Five Venoms
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