The Lizard-Honorable Hero

The Lizard also has the perfect job, walking the beat with his partner, Constable Ma/Scorpion.  As Constable He Yu, he could discover the identity of his teacher's colleague without being noticed. Both officers are well liked by their peers and the citizens of their town. Both are Martial Arts experts. This is where the similarities between the Scorpion and the Lizard end.

Unlike the Scorpion, he is less perceptive to the clues around him.  The Scorpion is able to micromanage and manipulate Snake and Justice Wang into sending our honorable hero away during a crucial moment in the case.  Because the Lizard is honorable he obediently leaves when asked to go on an errand more suitable for someone of a lower rank.  The loyal friend unknowingly sets in motion the Scorpion's unscrupulous plan to get the treasure all to himself.

After uniting with the sixth student, the compassionate Lizard seeks revenge for his fallen friend and assists in completing the Sifu's mission.  The two new partners are out to rid the world of the evil Poison Clan members and right the wrongs of their predecessors.

~Lady Cao

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