The Centipede-The Deadliest Venom

Zhang Yiaotian, The Centipede, was the teacher's first student which made him the boss of his generation of the Poison Clan.  Just because you are the first student does that make you the deadliest?  Of course not!  But I will explain why I believe he is the deadliest of the 5 Venoms.

The Centipede moved his appendages with blazing speed and a deadly accuracy the others could not match.   The reason he is known as the Centipede is his hands and feet move so fast it is like he has 1,000 hands.  They move so fast they are hard to block so most of his kicks and punches land on their target.

Centipede also can kill without leaving a trace making one believe the person died of natural causes. His deadly appendages leave bruises upon the body but his tools cause internal injuries no one can see.  Whether it is the long brain piercing needle inserted in the nose or the throat tearing hook pushed into the mouth, it doesn't take the Centipede long to kill his "frenemies" without leaving a mark.

Scorpion had his ideas, darts, and killer kicks.   The Snake, Toad, and Lizard also had their own style deadly kung fu. However, at the end of the film, the Centipede had the highest body count, therefore, making him the deadliest venom.

~Lady Cao

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