Ancestor knows best...

It may sound a little strange, but my fondness for David Chiang's awesome acting ability soared after revisiting The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires in 2015 for the first time since my teens.

Not simply because he'd mastered English phonetically to go toe-to-toe with Hammer Horror legend Peter Cushing, but largely due to his second role as his character's vampire killing ancestor. Primarily through body language (and an excellent, yet subtle aging makeup), Chiang convinced me he was this poor old farmer trying to save his precious daughter from the title fiends.

Prior to that wonderful revelation, I had enjoyed Chiang's performances (acting and martial), but afterward, I just loved watching him become a character.  This has been rekindled as I realize I prefer martial actors who truly become their characters to fighters who can act.

So Xiexie sir!

Yours respectfully, 

Lady J.

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