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Who Wore it Better? Volume 1

I am noticing more and more that Shaw Brothers recycles their costumes and sets pretty regularly.In this series of posts, I will compare the same costume on at least 2 different people. In this initial posting, I will compare the costume worn by Centipede/The Thousands of Hands ofThe Five Venoms(1978) and Yang Hu Yun/The Iron Feet Lad Imposter of The Kid with The Golden Arm(1979).

The winner, in my opinion, is the first to wear the outfit, Lu Feng as the Centipede.The costume was fitted for him.It is almost like a glove.There is no sagging!

The runner-up is Sun Chien as Yang Hu Yun/The Iron Feet Lad Imposter.Being of a slightly thinner and taller build, Sun Chien doesn't quite fill out the costume like Lu does.
So now you know who I believe wore it better and why.Who do you think wore it better?
~Lady Cao Feng
Five Venoms is available on a variety of formats: Digital (iTunes *

New piece up at Shaw Brothers official site

There's nothing hokey about the Masked Avengers getting latest piece for the official Shaw Brothers universe site is now live.

Buy/Rent Masked Avengers digitally through iTunes * Amazon Prime. If you've got all region or region 2 blu ray capabilities, 88 Films just released this Venoms mob classic on blu ray.

The Legend of The 7 Golden Vampires in Comic book form

House of Hammer was a wonderful 1970s magazine devoted to England's Hammer Studios. Occasionally they would create comic book adaptations of their films; one such adaptation was The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and while the Kung Fu kind of falls by the wayside, it's pretty darn cool. 

The Captain Video blog kindly scanned and reprinted the Lot7GV comic in two posts. 

Part 1 and Part 2

As someone who grew up with Hammer Horror (they were the only horror films I watched until I was well into my teens) and comic books, this is pretty sweet. Love that cover too (shame the title ghouls didn't look that great.)

For all of my eBay uber fan crankiness regarding this movie, I truly enjoy The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (flaws & all) and am delighted to see David Chiang whup vampire butt alongside the seminal Van Helsing himself, Mr. Peter Cushing. And I haven't even mentioned Miss Shih Szu who is also lots of fun here. 

Yours respectfully,

Lady Jin

Costume Redo

Do you recognize these costumes?  I sure did! These are the same costumes the junior flag bears of the Iron Flag Clan(1980) wear.  Ironic that my top 2 Venoms movies share this in common besides a few other things.  Was this a coincidence or planned? Remember, these two films were released 9 months apart.

In both films, these costumes signify the rank of the person who wears it.  The wearer of the red "leather" with black stripes is 3 ranks away from the Chief.  In Masked Avengers(1981), There are 3 chiefs with fancy red outfits, gold masks, and gold tridents and they are even ranked by skill.  The henchmen are the last in line from Ling Yunzi, the number 1 chief, Gao Yoa/Liang Rong at #2 and Fang Zuguang.  The junior flag bearers are also 3 ranks away from Chief Tieh.  Cao Feng is recognized as the chief in training while Luo Xin and Yuan Lang are the top fighters.  The four junior fighters follow them in the pecking order of the Iron Flag Clan.
So is this a remarkable coi…

More eBay observations...

So once again, I was casually looking around eBay this morning and came across this nifty cover for The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires dvd.

You know if it was Jian Nan versus Dracula & the title blood suckers as this cover suggests the movie would have ended real quick.


Second observation: absolutely beautiful spread in a 1976 Hong Kong (Golden) Movie News about Broken Oath, with just one faux pas...

No Zhao Cai or Bang. Seriously. How could you promote Broken Oath and omit Chan Wai Man and Lieung Siu Leung?!?

Yours respectfully,

Lady Jin

Behold Little Bat, the ancestor of Five Venoms’ Yang De & Lizard in Chang Cheh’s The Deadly Duo

David Chiang’s Little Bat is a lot like Yang De and the Lizard without the need for hiding in plain sight. If anything, that's the major difference between this Iron Triangle gent and the Venoms Mob characters, you often immediately knew what path David or costar Ti Lung walked unlike the shadowy alliances of their acrobatic successors.
In The Deadly Duo, Little Bat is pleased his senior Yian Lu Yan (a criminal posing as an antique dealer) recognizes him. Chiang’s martial artist is proud of being a righteous gallant who executes his Master’s final request. He promptly tells his senior this which worries the older man.
Not so for the world of the Five Venoms with its’ murky corrupted court system, boasting a title clan who all have something to hide, particularly Scorpion (hence the masks both literal and figurative.) Lizard and Yang De’s fondness for their master lead them to do the right thing. However, their path of righteousness partially blinds them (and Toad) to the malicious…